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وَعَلَّمَ ءَادَمَ ٱلأَسْمَآءَ كُلَّهَا ثُمَّ عَرَضَهُمْ عَلَى ٱلْمَلَٰئِكَةِ فَقَالَ أَنْبِئُونِي بِأَسْمَآءِ هَـٰؤُلاۤءِ إِن كُنْتُمْ صَٰدِقِينَ
-Al-Baqarah ( البقرة )

Kashani Tafsir

And He taught Adam the names, all of them, that is, He cast upon his heart the specific qualities of things, [the qualities] by which they, their benefits and their harmfulness, can be known. Then He presented them, that is, He presented those named things, to the angels, through their witnessing of the human structure and their accompaniment of Adam in the revelation. The meaning of His words: and He said, 'Now tell Me the names of these if you speak truly', [is] His will that they be revitalised by some of the objects of man's knowledge, as required by the human composition and the conveying of the objects of his senses and his diverse knowledge, temporally originated in him through the specificity of [his] composition and his social condition, to their essences after not having been [there], since their knowledge ensues from his knowledge and that is the sense in which they are dumbfounded [by God] and the connection between that and His will is reflected in the command given to Adam to 'tell', since all of the human faculties and the angels that are in His presence are revitalised by what in a different locus they would not be revitalised; that is the meaning of Adam's telling them [of the names].