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وَإِذْ قُلْنَا ٱدْخُلُواْ هَـٰذِهِ ٱلْقَرْيَةَ فَكُلُواْ مِنْهَا حَيْثُ شِئْتُمْ رَغَداً وَٱدْخُلُواْ ٱلْبَابَ سُجَّداً وَقُولُواْ حِطَّةٌ نَّغْفِرْ لَكُمْ خَطَٰيَٰكُمْ وَسَنَزِيدُ ٱلْمُحْسِنِينَ
-Al-Baqarah ( البقرة )

Kashani Tafsir

And when We said, 'Enter this city, that is, the lush garden of the sanctified spirit which is the station of the witnessing, [and eat freely therein wherever you will,] and enter it at the gate, of satisfaction, as cited by the ḥadīth - satisfaction with God's decree is the greatest gate to God - prostrating, bent down, submissive to what rushes upon you of the self-disclosures of the descriptions, the acts and the bearing [?]. As for His saying: and say, 'exoneration', that is, ask that God exonerate the sins of your attributes, character traits and acts, and We shall forgive you your transgressions, your variegations and the sins issuing from your states, and We shall give more to those who are virtuous', that is the witnessers - on account of his [the Prophet's] statement: 'Virtuousness is to worship God as though you could see Him; [We shall increase them in] the reward of their virtuousness, which is the unveiling of the Essence, or their virtuousness by wayfaring towards God.