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وَإِذِ ٱعْتَزَلْتُمُوهُمْ وَمَا يَعْبُدُونَ إِلاَّ ٱللَّهَ فَأْوُوا إِلَى ٱلْكَهْفِ يَنْشُرْ لَكُمْ رَبُّكُم مِّن رَّحْمَتِهِ وَيُهَيِّئْ لَكُمْ مِّنْ أَمْرِكُمْ مِّرْفَقاً
-Al-Kahf ( الكهف )

Kashf Al-Asrar Tafsir

18:16 Take refuge in the cave. Your Lord will unfold for you of His mercy and furnish you with kindliness in your affair.
“Go into this cave of jealousy in the shade of solicitude, the embrace of friendship, and the world of protection. Your Lord will unfold for you of His mercy and keep you in the curtain of sinlessness, clothing you in the garment of mercy, giving you a place in the embrace of exaltedness.”
What a lovely day when someone is walking on a road and all at once the one entrusted with this talk comes down and throws the lasso of seeking around his neck and pulls! He fastened to them the word of godwariness [48:26]. You are Mine and I am yours: 'Be for Me as you always were, and I will be for you as I always have been.'”