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إِنَّ رَبَّكَ يَعْلَمُ أَنَّكَ تَقُومُ أَدْنَىٰ مِن ثُلُثَيِ ٱلَّيْلِ وَنِصْفَهُ وَثُلُثَهُ وَطَآئِفَةٌ مِّنَ ٱلَّذِينَ مَعَكَ وَٱللَّهُ يُقَدِّرُ ٱلَّيْلَ وَٱلنَّهَارَ عَلِمَ أَن لَّن تُحْصُوهُ فَتَابَ عَلَيْكُمْ فَٱقْرَءُواْ مَا تَيَسَّرَ مِنَ ٱلْقُرْآنِ عَلِمَ أَن سَيَكُونُ مِنكُمْ مَّرْضَىٰ وَآخَرُونَ يَضْرِبُونَ فِي ٱلأَرْضِ يَبْتَغُونَ مِن فَضْلِ ٱللَّهِ وَآخَرُونَ يُقَٰتِلُونَ فِي سَبِيلِ ٱللَّهِ فَٱقْرَءُواْ مَا تَيَسَّرَ مِنْهُ وَأَقِيمُواْ ٱلصَّلَٰوةَ وَآتُواْ ٱلزَّكَٰوةَ وَأَقْرِضُواْ ٱللَّهَ قَرْضاً حَسَناً وَمَا تُقَدِّمُواْ لأَنفُسِكُمْ مِّنْ خَيْرٍ تَجِدُوهُ عِندَ ٱللَّهِ هُوَ خَيْراً وَأَعْظَمَ أَجْراً وَٱسْتَغْفِرُواْ ٱللَّهَ إِنَّ ٱللَّهَ غَفُورٌ رَّحِيمٌ
-Al-Muzzammil ( المزمل )

Tanwîr al-Miqbâs min Tafsîr Ibn ‘Abbâs

(Lo! thy Lord) O Muhammad (knoweth how thou keepest vigil sometimes nearly) less than (two thirds of the night) up to half of the night, (or (sometimes) half) and sometimes you keep vigil half of the night (or a third thereof) and you keep vigil a third of the night; it is also said this means: and sometimes less than half of the night, (as do a party of those with thee) and a group of believers with you who keep vigil of the night in prayer. (Allah measureth the night and the day) Allah knows the hours of the day and night. (He knoweth that ye count it not) i.e. keep track of the hours of the night; it is also said that this means: He knows you will not be able to persevere in that which you are commanded of prayer in the night, (and turneth unto you in mercy) and so He forgives you if you do not pray at night. (Recite, then, of the Qur'an) when you perform the prayers (that which is easy for you) 100 verses and more; and it is also said this means: whatever you wish to recite of the Qur'an. (He knoweth that there are sick folk among you) wounded people among you who cannot pray at night, (while others travel in the land) fleeing from something or (in search of Allah's bounty) of Allah's provision and other things, and it is hard on them to pray at night, (and others (still) are fighting for the cause of Allah) for the obedience of Allah who will find it hard to pray at night. (So recite of it) of the Qur'an in your prayers (that which is easy (for you), and establish worship) complete the five daily prayers including what is required for its validity of ritual ablution, bowings, prostrations and the observation of their due times (and pay the poor-due) from your wealth (and (so) lend unto Allah) by giving to charity; and it is also said: by doing righteous works (a goodly loan) truly and sincerely from your hearts. (Whatsoever good) alms or righteous works (ye send before you for your souls, ye will surely find it) find its reward (with Allah) in Paradise preserved for you, neither stolen, drowned, burnt or eaten by borer, (better) than what you have left in the life of the world (and greater in the recompense) than that which you have. (And seek forgiveness of Allah) from your sins. (Lo! Allah is Forgiving) He forgives whoever repents, (Merciful) towards he who dies repentant, because of the mercy of he who is enveloped in his cloak'.

Tafsir Ibn 'Abbas, trans. Mokrane Guezzou
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