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وَٱلَّذِينَ يُتَوَفَّوْنَ مِنكُمْ وَيَذَرُونَ أَزْوَاجاً وَصِيَّةً لأَزْوَاجِهِمْ مَّتَاعاً إِلَى ٱلْحَوْلِ غَيْرَ إِخْرَاجٍ فَإِنْ خَرَجْنَ فَلاَ جُنَاحَ عَلَيْكُمْ فِي مَا فَعَلْنَ فِيۤ أَنْفُسِهِنَّ مِن مَّعْرُوفٍ وَٱللَّهُ عَزِيزٌ حَكِيمٌ
-Al-Baqarah ( البقرة )

Al Qushairi Tafsir

[2:240] And those of you who die, leaving wives, make testament for their wives, provision for a year; but if they go forth, you would not be at fault regarding what they may do with themselves honorably; God is Mighty, Wise.
The waiting period after the death of the husband in the beginning of Islam was an uninterrupted year, according to the words and actions of the Arabs [before Islam]. With respect to that, the one who spoke for them said:
Until the end of the year
then ' peace be upon both of you'.
Whoever weeps for an entire year
has absolved themselves of any guilt.
Then this was abrogated to four months and ten days since the mourning period inevitably ends. The one who spoke for them said:
He said, 'If you die,
I cannot live'.
I said, 'You are being hypocritical
so be silent.
What living thing
do you see,
that dies from love
for something which is dead?'