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فَمَا لَهُ مِن قُوَّةٍ وَلاَ نَاصِرٍ
-At-Târiq ( الطارق )

Tafsir al-Tustari

on the day when [all] secrets are examined, ! whereat he will have no strength, nor any helper.He said:That is, He will reveal the intentions (nīyāt) with which they worshipped God by [performing] that which God made incumbent upon them, and [refraining] from that which He forbade them. Truly, [the value of] the deeds of all servants on the Day of Resurrection will wholly depend upon their aims (maqāṣid). Rabīʿ used to say, ‘The secrets which are concealed from [other] people belong to God and are clearly visible [to Him]. So seek out their remedy!’ Then he added, ‘What is their remedy? It is to repent and never return [to that sin].’ Then Sahl said:The weapon (āla) of the dervish is in three things: fulfilling his [religious] obligation[s] (farḍ), preserving his neediness [for God] (faqr), and keeping his secret (sirr). His words, Exalted is He:

Tafsīr al-Tustarī, trans. Annabel Keeler and Ali Keeler
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