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وَإِنَّ مِنْكُمْ لَمَن لَّيُبَطِّئَنَّ فَإِنْ أَصَٰبَتْكُمْ مُّصِيبَةٌ قَالَ قَدْ أَنْعَمَ ٱللَّهُ عَلَيَّ إِذْ لَمْ أَكُنْ مَّعَهُمْ شَهِيداً
-An-Nisâ’ ( النساء )

Tafsir al-Jalalayn

Verily, there are some of you who tarry, who indeed hesitate to join the fighting, such as ‘Abd Allāh b. Ubayy, the hypocrite, and his companions — counting him [the one who tarries] as one of them [the Muslims] is from the perspective of outward appearances — (the lām in the verb [la-yubatti’anna, ‘verily … who tarry’] is for oaths); then, if an affliction befalls you, such as slaughter or defeat, he says, ‘God has been gracious to me, for I was not a witness with them’, present [at the fighting], lest I should be hurt.

Tafsir al-Jalalayn, trans. Feras Hamza
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