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مُّسَوَّمَةً عِندَ رَبِّكَ وَمَا هِيَ مِنَ ٱلظَّالِمِينَ بِبَعِيدٍ
-Hûd ( هود )

Tanwîr al-Miqbâs min Tafsîr Ibn ‘Abbâs

(Marked with fire) lined with black, red and white; it is also said that they had inscribed on them the names of persons they were destined to kill (in the providence of your Lord) those stones of clay were from your Lord, O Muhammad. (And they) i.e. the stones (are never far from the wrong-doers) they did not miss them but rather hit them; it is also said that this means: these stones are never far from the wrong-doers, who emulate their practice, from among your nation.

Tafsir Ibn 'Abbas, trans. Mokrane Guezzou
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