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وَبَرّاً بِوَٰلِدَتِي وَلَمْ يَجْعَلْنِي جَبَّاراً شَقِيّاً
-Maryam ( مريم )

Tafsir al-Tustari

…He did not make me arrogant and wretched.That is, ignorant of His commandments, and disdainful of His worship out of pride. The Prophet said, ‘Pride (kibriyāʾ) is the cloak of God, and whoever contests with God over it, He will cast face-first into the Fire…’ He was asked about His words, Mighty and Majestic is He:

Tafsīr al-Tustarī, trans. Annabel Keeler and Ali Keeler
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