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وَمَنْ أَظْلَمُ مِمَّنْ مَّنَعَ مَسَاجِدَ ٱللَّهِ أَن يُذْكَرَ فِيهَا ٱسْمُهُ وَسَعَىٰ فِي خَرَابِهَآ أُوْلَـٰئِكَ مَا كَانَ لَهُمْ أَن يَدْخُلُوهَآ إِلاَّ خَآئِفِينَ لَّهُمْ فِي ٱلدُّنْيَا خِزْيٌ وَلَهُمْ فِي ٱلآخِرَةِ عَذَابٌ عَظِيمٌ
-Al-Baqarah ( البقرة )

Kashani Tafsir

And who is more unjust, that is, who receives less of what is due to him and is worse off in his share, than he who bars God's places of worship, that is, the prostration places of God, namely, the hearts, in which He can be known and where the prostration is performed through essence-annihilation, so that His Name be not invoked in them, [His] special [Name] that is the Greatest Name for He only discloses Himself with that Name in the heart, this being the self-disclosure of the Essence with the totality of the attributes; or It is that Name of His that is specified by every one of these [attributes], in other words, the perfection that befits the preparedness which It entails; and strives to ruin them?, to sully them with cold fanaticism and with the triumph and mastery of desires over them and the prevention of the folk of these [mosques] who possess the preparedness above such [desires] by means of confusion and turmoil and the incitement of seditions that are the concomitants of the mutual attraction between the faculties of the soul and satanic motives and illusions; such men might never enter them, save in fear, [nor] arrive at them, [save in fear], in other words, [save] broken by the self-disclosure of the Truth in them; for them in this world there is degradation, that is, disgrace and humiliation because of the manifestation of the falsehood of their religion and their beliefs, which will be nullified by the religion of the Truth, and by their vanquishing and their distress and their having been overpowered; and in the Hereafter there shall be a mighty chastisement, which is that they will be veiled from the Truth by their [false] religion.