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وَٱسْتَغْفِرُواْ رَبَّكُمْ ثُمَّ تُوبُوۤاْ إِلَيْهِ إِنَّ رَبِّي رَحِيمٌ وَدُودٌ
-Hûd ( هود )

Kashf Al-Asrar Tafsir

11:90 And ask forgiveness from your Lord, then repent to Him. Surely my Lord is ever-merciful, loving.
He says, "Ask forgiveness from your Lord, for He is the forgiver and the servant-caresser-not as is fitting for the servant, but as is fitting for Him. No matter how many offenses the servant may have, in the end the Patron's bounty is more. It is the gentleness of lordhood that offers its gentleness to the attribute of servanthood: Whatever shortcoming servants may have, My unneediness is equal to it. Whatever may be unapproved from him, My loving kindness is on top of that. Whatever the servant may hope, My bounty is greater than that."
Surely my Lord is ever-merciful, loving. The loving is He who shows His love to His servants by His beautiful-doing toward them. The loving is He who caresses the servant with His loving kindness and pours over him continual blessings so that the servant will become His friend. This is why He said to David, "O David, make Me beloved to My servants. Make My path clear to My servants and throw friendship for Me into their hearts. Teach them about My blessings and make My words sweet in their hearts. Tell them that I am the Lord with munificence and no niggardliness, with knowledge and no ignorance, with patience and no incapacity, with wrath but no annoyance. There is no change in My attributes and no alteration in My words. With Me the word does not change, and I do not wrong the servants [50:29]."
So, if the servant should fall short, not recognize what is rightfully due to this generosity, and not show gratitude for blessings, He will rebuke and say, "O son of Adam! You have not been fair to Me! I showed My love for you through blessings, and you showed your hate for Me through acts of disobedience. My good descends upon you, and your evil rises up to Me." ʿAlī ibn Abī Ṭālib narrated this hadith from the Prophet, who narrated it from God.