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-Ash-Shu‘arâ’ ( الشعراء )

Kashf Al-Asrar Tafsir

Surah 26: al-ShuʿarāÌ
26:1 ṬāÌ Sīn Mīm
ṬāÌ is an allusion to the purity [?ahāra] of His exaltedness, sīn an allusion to the brilliance [sināÌ] of His all-compellingness, and mīm an allusion to the splendor [majd] of His majesty. He is the Lord whose love is the repose of hearts, whose remembrance is the adornment of the eras, whose words are the banquet of the ears, whose seeing is the celebration of the eyes, whose assurance is the promise of caresses, whose face-to-face vision is the ease of the spirits, whose lane is the home of the chevaliers, whose conversation is the goal of the recognizers, and from whose direction blows the breeze of union. All is from Him, all is in Him and indeed, all is He. Say “God,” then leave them [6:91].