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إِلَيْهِ يُرَدُّ عِلْمُ ٱلسَّاعَةِ وَمَا تَخْرُجُ مِن ثَمَرَاتٍ مِّنْ أَكْمَامِهَا وَمَا تَحْمِلُ مِنْ أُنْثَىٰ وَلاَ تَضَعُ إِلاَّ بِعِلْمِهِ وَيَوْمَ يُنَادِيهِمْ أَيْنَ شُرَكَآئِي قَالُوۤاْ آذَنَّاكَ مَا مِنَّا مِن شَهِيدٍ
-Fussilat ( فصلت )

Tanwîr al-Miqbâs min Tafsîr Ibn ‘Abbâs

(Unto Him is referred (all) knowledge of the Hour) the knowledge of the time of the Hour is known only by Allah. (And no fruits burst forth from their sheaths, and no female carrieth) a child (or bringeth forth) or delivers her child (but with His knowledge) except with His leave, and no one knows this except Him. (And on the day when He calleth unto them) while they are in the Fire and say: (Where are now My partners) where are those whom you worshipped and claimed to be My partners? (they will say: We confess unto Thee) We have told you and let you know before: (not one of us is a witness (for them)) none of us will testify against himself that he had worshipped anyone other than you.

Tafsir Ibn 'Abbas, trans. Mokrane Guezzou
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